Friday, December 14, 2012

The Church As a Market Place

I woke up this morning and this article was the first thing on my mind, and I was just being troubled in my mind. So that’s why I am writing this, this is the first of its kind that I would be writing.
I would have made this as a video, but I am not ready for the controversies this will cause,

Kindly pardon me, if my article don't sound too good to you, I am just pouring out my mind, I may be wrong though and I hope it Won't lead some people to sin,
I just wanna  make some point  clear , the church was meant to be a place where people run to in time of need, a family where u can lay your shoulders when u lack, but now the reverse is the case, The Church don’t care for our needs, The Church is losing its taste.
The Church is meant to be a lamp that guides people to the right path, it is suppose to be a family without discrimination, Racism, whether you are young or Old, married or single, strong or weak, sinner or saint. Now some positions are reserved for Rich. Now If you don’t have money you can’t occupy some positions in the Church.
Don’t be surprised in the near future when pastors will start tagging themselves as The CEO of their Churches.

Tuesday, December 11, 2012

Meet The Water Babies-The Twins That can't talk or Walk but can Swin 25 metres in Water

Their names are William and Ellenita Trykush , they are too young to talk or walk, but they can swim a length of a 25-metre pool at just nine months old.
The water babies love gliding up and down on their backs, kicking their legs to propel themselves along.
And as this delightful underwater picture shows, they even smile while they’re swimming.