Friday, December 14, 2012

The Church As a Market Place

I woke up this morning and this article was the first thing on my mind, and I was just being troubled in my mind. So that’s why I am writing this, this is the first of its kind that I would be writing.
I would have made this as a video, but I am not ready for the controversies this will cause,

Kindly pardon me, if my article don't sound too good to you, I am just pouring out my mind, I may be wrong though and I hope it Won't lead some people to sin,
I just wanna  make some point  clear , the church was meant to be a place where people run to in time of need, a family where u can lay your shoulders when u lack, but now the reverse is the case, The Church don’t care for our needs, The Church is losing its taste.
The Church is meant to be a lamp that guides people to the right path, it is suppose to be a family without discrimination, Racism, whether you are young or Old, married or single, strong or weak, sinner or saint. Now some positions are reserved for Rich. Now If you don’t have money you can’t occupy some positions in the Church.
Don’t be surprised in the near future when pastors will start tagging themselves as The CEO of their Churches.

 I don’t like seeing pastors suffer, every time I see one suffering I always ask God Why?  But one thing I noticed, immediately some of this pastors get rich, all they think of is the big life they've always dreamt of while they were young, they always forget where they come from.  90% of our pastors are always from Poor families (don’t ask me how sure I am with this, because they always mistakenly or knowingly tell us their stories), some even remain poor even after they started their Churches, But Over the years God has blessed them in the Ministry, Which is a good thing, But why do they always forget their starting point.

One thing that gets me annoyed is when I see churches holding fairs in the house of God and Innocent People pay huge amount to get a stand (Oh have you forgotten that Jesus clearly wrote, my fathers house is not a market place John 2:16) that is there should be no buying or selling of whatsoever in the house of God, Yes! when I said selling it means selling of CD, DVD, books, products or paying to attend religious seminars, meeting or shows in the house of God.

Another issue I would like to address is the issue of private jet (Are u kidding me?) sorry for my bad manners,  But I am sorry to say, its uncalled for, its not as if these private jets travel every day, they are always mostly parked at the airport with government  charges pilling up daily. Even our so called flamboyant politicians don't do this. The amount spent on parking and maintaining this aircraft would have gone a long way in saving many suffering and perished souls. Almost every month in Nigeria we hear of a kid or someone suffering from a terminal illness, I have never for once heard a situation where one of our pastors offered his private jet for the transportation of a dying soul. A single private jet will build an international standard hospital in Nigeria. That would have saved a lot of lives from terminal diseases.
Sometimes in July/August  there was a heavy rainfall that left many town, villages and cities deserted.  This is the best time I thought the church was supposed to stand up to its responsibility, By helping these people and in the process preaching the Good news of God, many people would have been saved from this kind gesture.  But as far as I know I think I only heared about just one church or two that rose up to this responsibility (God will bless those that responded).

Now another issue is private universities. And for a moment Sirs I will look you in the eyes and say, I am ashamed of you all. When the missionaries came, they brought western education along. And most of you if not all of you benefited from this great gesture. churches School are the most expensive in Nigeria and annoyingly they are not even ranked amongst the best In Nigeria talkless of Africa not to talk of the world in general. So what that means is the Church is giving us cheap education and making us pay millions for it (that's ripping us off), the same thing our politicians do and you preach against. You preach against corruption and you build schools for the corrupt children of these politician, Indirectly taking what was stolen from us  (I'm weeping in tongues) what happened to the days where churches build hospitals, where saving lives was the norm of the day, what happened to the days where churches hospitals were ranked the best and the most affordable, where quality healthcare was the order of the day, churches stop building hospitals because it gave the poor who couldn't afford the quality health care the opportunity to get free medical treatment without paying (sometimes) or paying less. Then the Churches hardly make money from it, most times they have to fund from the church's account, that cost a lot of money but saved lots of life. but its pathetic that the church is no more interested in  the business of saving lives but making money.
There are still more to write I just decided to stop here. I don’t want to bore you with long story but it’s a long story already.
Thanks for reading. Please after commenting, just let me know if I have done right or wrong by writing this.
I am responsible for what I say but not for what you hear or understand.
You have the right whatsoever to convince me on what ever you think is wrong in this article
I am not against men of God living big or having money or riches
This article is not meant for ANY man of God in Mind, I respect them a lot, But that doesn’t mean because we respect them if they do something wrong we cant tell them.

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  1. Thank you very much for this article. I really appreciate it because that is exactly what is happening. I dont want to judge anybody...may God help us all