Wednesday, April 10, 2013

30 Places you Shoudn't Live if You want Peace and Rest of Mind

1. face me I face you House
2. Close to a church
3. Close to a mosque
4. Close to a market
5. Close to a motor park
6. In front of a busy road
7. Close to a refuse disposal point
8. Close to an airport
9. Near a busy or Express  road
10. Close to a railway lane
11. Express road
12. Fuel station
13. Bank
14.close to a forest or thick bush
15. Having a babalowo as the landlord
16. If you are poor close to an expensive estate
17. Close to a river, ocean or sea
18. Close to a general hospital
19. Close to a club
20. Living close to a tertiary institution if you are a flirt
21. In a police barracks
22. Pipeline
23. Close to a govt school
24. Close to a police station
25. Close to a power station
26. Poultry
27. Pig farm
28. Northern Nigeria (Kano, Jos , Sokoto, Benue and the likes)
29. Southern Nigerian if you are rich and wealthy
30. Lastly The most important one if you are still living in a rented house

The List goes on Kindly Add yours

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