Friday, August 31, 2012

3 year old girl raped by a man in Lagos

The Rapist
Yesterday 30th August 2012 at Adeniji Adele Dolphin estate phase II, A little girl about 3 years old ran into a woman's shop crying. The woman asked her why she was crying, but the little girl couldn't really express herself. Every effort to get her talking proved abortive. She just kept pointing at a particular direction, and crying. Then a few minutes later, the shop owner saw a man approaching her shop and calling on the girl to follow him. The woman asked the man who he was, what he wanted and why he was coming after the girl. The man couldn't give a concrete reason to why he wanted the girl, when he realize women wasn't going to release the girl to him and the woman is getting more inquisitive he tried to run. The woman raised an alarm and started shouting ole ole, thinking he was a kidnapper, not knowing he had raped the girl.
The Victim

On hearing the alarm raised by the woman the youths in the area ran after him, descended and overpowered him. The started beating him, tore his clothes and naked him. The man kept begging them to spare his life that he is not a thief that the girl is known to him. They turned to the girl and pressured her to tell them what the guy had done to her; the 3 year old weeping profusely and told them that the man had taken her to the top floor of a 3 story building beat her and had slept with her. They checked the girl's panties and saw blood all over her private area. The blood had even dropped to her legs but nobody noticed on time.

On hearing this, the youths descended on him once again, this time more brutal. They stripped him naked, and beat him with stick, stones, bottles, etc until someone called the police who then took the man away.
When the Culprit was Taken away by The Police

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  1. people are so cruel!!! can u imagine a 3years old girl i fear dis world oooo