Friday, January 11, 2013

Here is the iPotty for iPad which lets your toddler play while they poo

I thought it was only adults that read newspapers or magazines while relieving themselves in the toilet. CTA Digital seems to think that toddlers should not be exempted. They have even given it a new twist. They have come up with a gadget which they claim, is good for potty training.

This gadget is the iPotty. The iPotty for iPad is a potty which has a built-in stand for the Apple iPad 2 and iPad 3rd and 4th-generation models.

The iPotty comes with an easy-to-clean and removable inner potty bowl, potty seat and splashguard, as well as a clip-on cover that converts the potty to a child activity seat for use at any time.

The will go on sale this spring, first on, at $39.99

See below for a video on the iPotty

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