Wednesday, September 5, 2012

24 year old Nigerian Student That built a working helicopter from scratch

A twenty four year old undergraduate from one of the Institution in Nigeria has built a helicopters that can fly as high as 7 feet . Mubarak Muhammed Abdullahi is a physics student, when interviewed he said he spent eight months building the yellow his helicopter, he managed to raise money from his Phone and Computer engineering business. The helicopter that he built from scratch was basically made from car parts and a crashed 747. 

Mubarak said he learnt building the Helicopter from the Internet and through text books.

The 12 metre long Helicopter is powered by a Honda Civic Engine, while the seats are also from an old Honda.
He controls his Helicopter with a simple ignition button, an accelerator level to control the Vertical movement and a joystick to balance. And it has a Camera beneath that provides a clear view of the ground, and it also has a small transmitter for communication. 

He is planning to build another helicopter which will be powered by a brand New Moter  from Taiwan.  

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